Why It’s Easier to Start Fresh

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Technology changes constantly and I always maintain a strong dedication to learn where it’s headed and what it might enable. A few years ago, I noticed something revolutionary. Something that would change the way many businesses operate. I saw Amazon Web Services (AWS) go from a server-centric business to a company that was expanding their suite of cloud-based services faster than anyone else.

The tagline for Logi Analytics (the company I founded in 2000; formerly known as LogiXML) was “Building Blocks for an Intelligent Enterprise”. I wished I had access to all the great services that AWS offers when I started Logi.

This was beginning to drive a new wave of applications built with very different underlying technology. It was basically a new operating system. AWS had (and still has) the vision to become the technology backbone of every company and they’ve built the services that software application providers need: data storage, processing, AI algorithms, blockchain, application integration, and more. All of these services are based in the cloud, with instant scalability, and, perhaps more importantly, instant accessibility to anyone on AWS.

What I began to realize is that AWS would fundamentally change how software businesses operate for the long term and I felt I had to find a way to take advantage of this tectonic shift. When you see something so revolutionary (and you believe in it) you want to be a part of it. With my two decades in data and analytics, I thought about what I might be able to do with AWS that wasn’t possible before.

I could see two parallel themes forming:

  1. The rate of creation for SaaS companies was going to take off as AWS is a huge enabler of SaaS application development

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies incorporate analytics in their products to serve their users, afterall every company is a data company now. The needs of their end users are much more complicated than a typical company. Many SaaS companies have tried to incorporate advanced analytics features into their products with little success. Most will either build reporting and analytics into their software in-house or try integrating a product built for internal IT use. Either way, there are compromises involved and historically the result is often mediocre at best.

The challenge is difficult for SaaS companies as they have to serve a myriad of use-cases. Because SaaS companies have thousands of users, it becomes difficult for them to manage things like security, information distribution, scalability, performance, licensing, embedding and white labeling for OEM, and customization to meet each of their client’s needs. It’s so much harder than serving a single type of “internal” customer and the reason most traditional BI solutions come up short making the shift to embedded.

Qrvey is the first company 100% dedicated to serve SaaS companies and provide them with a solution built especially for them. We are an all-in-one data and analytics platform serving SaaS providers on AWS. For us at Qrvey, we started with the end in mind. We have not looked back or changed our direction at any point along the way. Doing so has required a strong focus to be responsive to this unique and specific market.

At Qrvey, our focus is SaaS companies on AWS. Period. We don’t knock on other doors. Our messaging focuses only on that. When we get prospects to a meeting, we already know who they are and what needs they have. The conversations we have are very predictable. We know what questions they are going to ask. It’s the power of focus and a well-defined market. Honestly, it feels like an unfair advantage.

Here’s a bonus lesson I’ve learned over the years on why focus matters. I have some pretty simple criteria that I use to judge whether a company, mine included, is focused and targeted. You must be able to define your business in 10 words or less. If you can’t, then forget about it, you’re not focused enough. If you can say it with five or six words, even better. If you can define your business in one or two words, you’re amazing and likely to be extremely successful. Consider Google and the word search, Facebook and social media, Apple and digital life. At Qrvey, we are “Embedded Analytics for SaaS providers on AWS.” Seven words. Everyone knows exactly who we are, what we do, and who we serve.

Founder & CEO | Qrvey

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